Po Yuen Toaist Society

Divination lots in one hundred bamboo sticks



1. Sincerely pray from your heart with your requests.

2. Light an incense stick & place it into the incense holder with left hand.

3. Kneel on the pad & start praying sincerely.

4. Shake the bamboo sticks well.

5. Continue shaking and slowly tilt the holder until one of the bamboo sticks drops out.

(If more than one bamboo stick drops out, return all sticks to holder and repeat step four until one bamboo stick falls out of the container.)

6. The single bamboo stick with LOT number will indicate your fortune.

Here are a couple of examples.


Filled with peaches' fragrance, this is the fairyland of gods. Take things as they are and you will be blessed in your lot. The time is ripe to make plans overall. There is no need to look everywhere for more.


Fairies are having a festive celebration and this is a good omen.

Your Fortune

Good luck will come to those who receive this lot. Be virtuous and you will be rewarded.

LOT 100

Into darkness the moon and stars glide. The wind blows hard and the rain sweeps wide. If the powerful dragon and tiger hold peace, you may expect a delightful feast.


Hard luck prevails and your project will not succeed.

Your Fortune

A big misadventure is to be expected. Take time to reflect on your behaviour to avert harm coming your way. You will be obstructed in all your actions.

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